About Arbor Benefit Group

Arbor Benefit Group, L.P. is a Managing General Underwriter serving Brokers, Consultants and Third Party Administrators throughout the United States. Arbor is built on a foundation of over thirty years experience in self-funded group health plans and excess loss policies. Since 2000, Arbor has been helping businesses maintain profitability with customized stop loss products and cost containment services all backed by integrity, financial stability, and an unwavering dedication to personal service.

Why choose Arbor Benefit Group?

Confidence in Arbor’s respected carrier. Arbor Benefit Group underwrites on behalf of Fidelity Security Life Insurance, which is A.M’s ‘A - Excellent’ rated insurer.

Solutions that fit

We are not afraid to step outside the box. If you have a unique situation that needs a tailored program, we have the resources, product knowledge and flexibility to deliver a solution that fits perfectly. Of course, we can fit you with a range of competitive products from within the box too. Contact us to discuss your unique situation.

Specialists who understand you

From specialized stop loss financial underwriting expertise, to by-your-side support throughout the sales and service process, Arbor delivers personal service that is in touch with your needs and those of your clients. Call to discuss a proposal today, and when you need follow-up you can speak to the same person tomorrow.

Solutions that save

Arbor helps TPA’s and employers mitigate claim dollars through a range of value added cost containment services that are reflected in the premium rates. These services may be accessed through specialty vendors and include plan document analysis, treatment plan reviews, audits for Out of Network discounts, specialty case management, and cost containment intervention for high dollar peer to peer medical services.

Fast claims make clients happy

Everyone likes to get paid in a timely manner. That’s why excess loss claims and reimbursements are handled directly by Arbor for seamless, rapid payment. Plus, our policies include features like Simultaneous Reimbursement at no extra cost.

Stay in touch

Knowledge is powerful. Arbor’s dedication to continuing education, emerging trend analysis and consistent review of regulatory requirements, ensures that we can provide you with up-to-date information and expertise about our dynamic industry.

We make business easier

We are always searching for new ways to streamline processes to make business faster and easier for you. Take our fully automated, paperless office for example. Integrated data sharing allows us to respond quickly and efficiently to matters such as rating and underwriting, policy renewals, claims, premium administration and more. We’ll even fill out any necessary forms for you, so you can leave it up to us. To make transactions processing simple, we accept premium payments as well as reimburse excess loss reimbursements via Automated Clearing House (ACH) for easy, contactless transactions.

Arbor Benefit Group is a HIPAA compliant organization. We are an active member of the national self-funding industry associations SPBA and SIIA.